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As a locally owned and operated, full-service residential and commercial expert in Sandpoint, Kootenai, Bonner County, Ponderay, Dover, and Boundary County, ID, Aqua Plumbing has the quality resources you need and the friendly approach to customer service you want in a plumbing repair expert. Here is a closer look at some of our most popular and effective plumbing services:

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  • Sewer Camera Inspections:

    If you cannot see a problem, you probably cannot do anything about it. Fortunately, Aqua Plumbing uses state-of-the-art technology to perform fast, accurate and effective sewer camera inspections. We will locate the problem quickly, and fix it before it gets any bigger.

  • General Plumbing Repairs:

    From clogged toilets to leaky faucets and much more, we are happy to provide the general plumbing repairs you need to keep your family comfortable or your business running smoothly. Our team of fully certified technicians is known for delivering fast work and respectful plumbing service.

  • Winterization Services:

    We provide whole-home antifreeze winterization services for seasonal homes and businesses. With a safe treatment antifreeze, we can guarantee all treated pipes do not freeze burst and back that by a guarantee when we de-winterize your property.

  • Drain Line Smoke Testing

    Sometimes drains can have a leak or break behind a wall or inside a ceiling that cannot be located yet can cause noxious sewage gasses to permeate into your home or business. With smoke testing equipment we have the ability to fill the entire drain system with smoke and follow the trail to any failed items in the system, even buried in a wall. Once located we can repair and make the air you breathe safer.

  • Drain Cleaning and Sewer Camera Inspections

    Nobody wants slow or backed-up drains. We can help out with our many drain cleaning machines and hydro jetters to re-establish flow. We have equipment for all types of situations. We also offer state-of-the-art camera technology and location equipment to inspect and diagnose drain line issues. With our sewer camera inspections, we have the ability to make a video recording upon request.

  • Filtration

    Minerals in your well or utilities water can damage your home fixtures and plumbing. We can perform a minerals test and design a filtration or softening system that will correct the water and greatly extend the life of your entire plumbing system. We also offer ultraviolet and reverse osmosis treatments to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in water, including homes that have Lake water supply

  • Tankless Heaters

    As technology advances in everything from phones to care, water heaters have not been left behind. Tankless heaters allow an endless flow of hot water. With the new advances of tankless heaters can be had with built-in recirculation systems to expedite hot water to all the fixtures and the most advanced units are Wi-Fi capable to be remotely monitored and controlled from an app on your smart device.

  • Frozen Pipes:

    One of our most frequently requested plumbing services is working on frozen pipes, and we have mastered the art of quickly restoring your pipes and minimizing long term damage.

  • Gas Lines

    Available in poly, steel or CSST piping we can run your gas piping inside or underground for all situations. Adding a new gas line for a stove or BBQ, or an entirely new gas or propane system? We would love to help you out.

  • Pumps Systems

    Whether point of use of septic. Water service booster or shallow well pump we can install or repair what you have. Crawlspace flooding? We can design and install a pump system to send the groundwater outside where it belongs and give you a drier basement or crawl space and a big piece of mind.

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Plumbing Services

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When you need reliable, affordable and enduring water heaters, winterization services and related plumbing services in Sandpoint, ID, you should trust Aqua Plumbing with the job. To schedule an appointment or learn about our employment opportunities, please give us a call at 208-265-2782, or visit our Contact Us page.

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